The Goose with the Golden Eggs

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Lampiran KD 3.1. Naratif

The same thing

All the gold

a countryman

second thoughts

the nest of his Goose

an egg of pure gold

an egg all yellow

The Goose with the Golden Eggs

Well, here is the story. One day (1) _________ was going to (2)______ found there is (3) _________ and glittering. ‘When he took it up it was as heavy as lead and he was going to throw it away, because

He thought a trick had been played upon him. But he took it home on (4) _______, and soon found to his delight that it was (5)___________

Every morning (6) _________ occurred, and he soon became rich by selling his eggs. As he grew rich he grew greedy; and thought to get at once (7)__________ the Goose could give, he killed it and opened it only to find, (8)_____________

~ Okay, what lesson can you learn from this story? Right. “GREED OF TO’ER REACHES ITSELF”
Lampiran KD.3.2. Narrative

Jurassic Park is a theme park in which living dinosaurs roam. The most terrible of these is the flesh-eating Tyrannosaurus Rex, which escapes when the protective electric fence surrounding the park ceases to operate. It then attacks the car in which the youngsters, Tim and Lex, are trying to shelter.

There was another jolting impact, and pieces of glass fell all around him. Tim felt rain. He looked up and saw that the front windshield had broken out. There was just a ragged rim of glass and, beyond, the big head of the dinosaur.

Looking down at him.

Tim felt a sudden chill and then the head rushed forward toward him, the jaws open. There was the squeal of metal against teeth, and he felt the hot stinking breath of the animal and a thick tongue stuck into the car through the windshield opening. The tongue slapped wetly around inside the car-he felt the hot lather of dinosaur saliva —and the tyrannosaur roared — a deafening sound inside the car —The head pulled away abruptly.

Tim scrambled up; avoiding the dent in the roof there was stillroom to sit on the front seat by the passenger door. The tyrannosaur stood in the rain near the front fender. It seemed confused by what had happened to it. Blood dripped freely from its jaws.

The tyrannosaur looked at Tim, cocking its head to stare with one big eye. The head moved close to the car, sideways, and peered in. Blood spattered on the dented hood of the Land Cruiser, mixing with the rain.

It can’t get to me, Tim thought. It’s too big.

Then the head pulled away, and in the flare of lightning he saw the hind leg lift up. And the world tilted crazily as the Lana Cruiser slammed over on its side, the windows splitting in the mud. He saw Lex fall helplessly against the side window, and he fell down beside her, banging his head. Tim felt dizzy. Then the tyrannosaur’s jaws clamped onto the window frame, and the whole Land Cruiser was lifted up into the air, and shaken.

‘Timmy!’ Lex shrieked, so near to his ear that it hurt. She was suddenly awake, and he grabbed her as the tyrannosaur crashed the car down again. Tim felt a stabbing pain in his side, and his sister fell on top of him. The car went up again, tilting crazily. Lex shouted ‘Timmy!’ and he saw the door give way beneath her, and she fell out of the car into the mud, but Tim couldn't answer, because in the next instant everything swung crazily — he saw the trunks of the palm trees sliding downward past him —moving sideways through the air — he glimpsed the ground very far below — the hot roar of the tyrannosaur — the blazing eye — the tops of the palm trees.

And then, with a metallic scraping shriek, the car fell from the tyrannosaur’s jaws, a sickening fall, and Tim’s stomach heaved in the moment before the world became totally black, and silent.

From Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

Lampiran KD. 3.3. Narrative

Teks 1

A Visit to Dracula’s Castle

5 May

I heard a heavy step approaching behind the great door, and saw through the chinks the gleam of coming light. Then there was the sound of rattling chains and the clanking of massive bolts drawn back. A key was turned with a loud grating noise, and the great door swung back.

Within stood a tall old man, clean-shaven but for a long, white moustache, and dressed in black from head to foot, without a single speck of colour about him anywhere. He held in his hand an old, silver lamp in which the flame burned without a chimney or glass of any kind, throwing long quivering shadows as it flickered in the draught of the open door. The old man motioned me in with his right hand with a courtly gesture, saying in excellent English but with a strange accent, ‘Welcome to my house! Enter freely and of your own willl’

He did not step forward to meet me, but stood like a statue, as though he were turned into stone. The instant however that 1 stepped over the threshold, he stepped forward and, holding out his hand, grasped mine with a strength, which made me wince. His hand felt as cold as ice — more like the hand of a dead man than a living one.

Again he said, ‘Welcome to my house. I am Dracula and I bid you enter. Come in, Mr. Harker, the night air is chill and you must eat and rest.’

12 May

I came out of my room and went up stone stairs to a window where I could look out over Sheer space to the opposite wall of the castle. What I saw was the Count’s head coming out of a window.

Then I saw the whole body of the man slowly emerge from the window and begin to crawl down the castle wall over that dreadful sheer abyss, face down, with his cloak spreading out about him like great wings. I saw his fingers and toes grasp the corners of the stones where the mortar had eroded, and in this way he moved downwards with great speed - like a lizard darting along a wall. Is this a man or some sort of monster that looks like a man. I am filled with the dread of this horrible place. I am in awful fear and there is no escape for me. I am surrounded with terrors that I dare not think of....
Teks 2.

The Nightingale and the Red Rose

A young student loved a beautiful girl. He said,” l am going to go to a dance tonight, and I am going to take the beautiful girl”

But the girl said,” Lam not going to go to the dance tonight, because have not got a red rose.”

I went to a dance last week, and I put a red rose on my white dress. All of the people said, “That is very beautiful,” and I was happy.”

The student said,” lam going to bring you red rose, and then lam going to take you to the dance.”

The beautiful girl was happy.

The student went to his garden, but there were not any roses in it. He sat on a bench, and he cried. He said, “The beautiful girl is not going to come to the dance tonight, because I have not got a red rose.”

There was a nightingale in a tree in the garden. She loved the student. She said, “His beautiful eyes are red, because he is crying. I am going to bring him a red rose.”

She flew to a big garden, and she went to a bush. There were roses on it. This bush loved songs. The nightingale said, “Do you want a song?”

The bush said, “Yes, I do.

The nightingale said, “And I want a rose.”

The bush said, “Sing me a song, and then take one of my roses.”

The nightingale sang a beautiful song, and then she said, “Now lam going to take a red rose.”

The bush said, “But (have not got any red ones. All of mine are white.”

The nightingale said,” Love the studàt, and I am going to give him a red rose.”

There were big thorns on the bush. The nightingale flew to one of them. There was a beautiful, white rose under it. • The nightingale pushed the thorn into her breast. It hurt a lot, but she pushed it into her Heart. Blood came out. It fell on the white rose.

The nightingale said, “The rose is red now.”

She took it, and she flew to the student’s window. She put the rose down, and she knocked at the window. Then she fell into the street. She was dead.

The student went to the window, and he opened it.

He said, ”There is a beautiful red rose here. Who put it here?”

He was very happy.

He ran to the beautiful girl’s house, and he said, “I have brought you a red rose.”

The girl looked at it, and she said,” I do not want it. A rich man has brought me some jewels.

They are more beautiful than a rose. He is going to take me to the dance.”

The student went home again. He threw the rose out of the window, and it fell on the dead nightingale.

A wheel crushed both of them, and people said, “Our Streets are very dirty. Look at that dead bird, and look at that dirty flower
Lampiran KD. 3.4. Narrative


I felt a thrill in my heart. I looked at him as he mouthed the words “After school”. I smiled and nodded.

There was something mysterious about Alfred that fascinated me. He was very good in all his studies and excellent in sports. Yet, no one knew anything about him. His nickname was ‘Alien’. Some of the girls passed the word about that he had come from another planet. No one knew where he Lived, or who his parents were, or even what he did after school. When asked he always said something funny and changed the subject. Somehow I had become drawn to him and we had become the best of friends. This was a breakthrough for him as he was generally shy with girls. I had been pestering him for days about his background. As his best friend I believed I had a right to know. Earlier that day, during recess, I had told him that our friendship was over unless he ‘came clean’ about everything. I was vindicated; he was going to tell me all.

When .1 met him after school, he jerked his head to indicate that I should follow him. He walked very fast and I hurried after him. He was silent as we waited at the bus stop. I touched his arm to tell him that I was there. That made him starts, as apparently his mind was far away. We took the bus to its terminal at Tampines and got off. I wondered why he lived so far from school and why he did not go to a school nearby. As he was so quiet, I decided not to interrupt his thoughts again and waited for him to tell me. Anyway, I was sure the mystery would be solved that day.

I walked with him as he walked through the blocks. I thought he was taking me to his apartment. Then he stopped in front of .a temple. I was stunned. He led the way and I followed. I climbed the stairs till the top floor. He pointed to a nun sitting in deep meditation. Suddenly I realised where I was. I was at an orphanage. I heard sobbing and turned to see Alfred in tears. Just then the nun opened her eyes and got up to hug him. She looked over his shoulders at me and to the question in my eyes replied in a barely audible whisper, “Both his parents died in an air crash when he ‘.‘~As three,” Alfred sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. I felt miserable and empty within.

Later when we were seated in the lounge drinking tea, I reached out and put my arms around him. He looked long and deep into my eyes. I realised that he felt about me the same way I felt about him. I felt a forward and kissed him gently. “You are not an orphan anymore,” I whispered, “I wilt be everything — father, mother, sister, brother and girlfriend - to you,”

That was the end of our friendship and the beginning of a lifelong romance.

Taken from: GCE ‘0’ Level Challenging English Essay
Lampiran KD. 3.1. Explanation

Teks 1.

Have you ever heard about pipeline in computer technology? Guess what. Right. Pipeline is very close to computer. But can you tell me what pipeline is? Well, let me explain. Pipeline in computer is a sequence of stages a computer (uses, chooses, processes) to carry out instructions.

The CPU makes sure every stage in a pipeline is always (doing~ working, operating) on an instruction. As a stage of a pipeline in the CPU (finishes, separates, deletes) manipulating an instruction, it (keeps, hands, works) its instruction to the next stage and gets an­other instruction from the stage before it, (running, moving, stop­ping) several instructions along the pipeline simultaneously. This process is more efficient than it would be if each instruction had to start at the first stage after the previous instruction finished the final stage. Oh, I almost forgot the more pipelines a CPU has, the faster it can (execute, cut, link) instructions. A CPU with two or more pipelines is said to be super pipelined or super scalar. Okay. Have you got it? Not yet. How about (going, visiting, playing) to the ~ library and (searching, discovering, finding) more explanation about ~ pipeline? See you and good luck.

Teks 2.


A general. Statement to position the reader

Making Paper From Woodchips

Okay. Do you have any paper in your bag? It may seem a silly question but do you know how to make paper? What is paper made of? Right. And how about ‘Wood Chipping’? Have you ever heard about it? Well, wood chipping is a process used to obtain pulp and paper products from forest trees.

A sequenced explana­tion of why or how something occurs

Next the tops and branches of the trees are cut out and then the logs are taken to the mill. At the mill the bark of the logs is removed and the logs are taken to a chipper, which cuts them into small pieces called woodchips. The wood chips are then screened to remove dirt and other impurities. Mmm at this stage they are either exported in this form or changed into the pulp by chemicals and heat. Oh, I almost forgot the pulp is then bleached and the water con­tent is removed.

Lampiran KD. 3.2. Explanation


Tsunami is a Japanese word, meaning, “harbor wave” and is used as the scientific term for a seismic sea wave generated by an undersea earthquake or possibly an undersea. Landslide or volcanic eruption. When the ocean floor is tilted or offset during an earthquake, a set of waves is created similar to the concentric waves generated by an object dropped into the water. Most tsunamis originate along the Ring of Fire, a zone of volcanoes and seismic activity, 32,500 km (24,000 ml) long that encircles the Pacific Ocean. Since 1819, about 40 tsunamis have struck the Hawaiian Islands.

A tsunami can have wave­lengths or widths of 100 to 200 km (60 to 120 ml), and may travel hundreds of kilometres across the deep ocean, reaching Encarta Encyclopedia speeds of about 725 to 800 km/h (about 450 to 500 mph). Upon entering shallow coastal waters, the wave, which may have been only about half a meter (a foot or two) high out at sea, suddenly grows rapidly. When the wave reaches the shore, it may be 15 m (50 ft) high or more. Tsunamis have tremendous energy because of the great volume of water affected. They are capable of obliterating coastal settlements.

Tsunamis should not be confused with storm surges, which are domes of water that rise underneath hurricanes or cyclones and cause extensive coastal flooding when the storms reach land. Storm surges are particularly devastating if they occur at high tide. A cyclone and accompanying storm surge killed an estimated 500,000 people in Bangladesh in 1970.
Lampiran KD .3.3. Explanation

Teks 1

How It Works

Frogs are delightful creatures. Our country is home to more than 220 named species and they can be found in almost any Australian landscape. Most frogs lay eggs on land or in the water. Then, after the eggs hatch,

Tadpoles enter the water for two weeks to six months, depending on the temperature, before emerging as froglet (baby frog). Not all frogs do this. The hip~ pocket frog is a very interesting example of parental care. After the female hip-pocket frog has spawned, the male will lie on her eggs and about eight tadpoles wriggle up into each pocket where they grow into baby frogs. Australia’s two species of gastric brooding frogs are even more amazing. They swallow their fertilised eggs and hatch the tadpoles in their stomachs. Six weeks later the _froglets emerge from their mother’s mouth.

Teks 2.


Petroleum products, such as gasoline, kerosene, home heating oil, residual fuel oil and lubricating oils, come from one source - crude oil found below the earth’s surface, as well as under large bodies of water, from a few hundred feet below the surface to as deep as 25,000 feet into the earth’s interior. Sometimes crude oil is secured by drilling a hole through the earth, but more dry holes are drilled than those producing oil. Pressure at the source or pumping forces crude oil to the surface.

Crude oil welts flow at varying rates, from ten to thousands of barrels per hour. Petroleum products vary greatly in physical appearance: thin, thick, transparent, or opaque. Their chemical composition is made up of only two elements: carbon and hydrogen, which form compounds called hydrocarbons. Other chemical elements found in union with the hydrocarbons are few and are classified as impurities. Trace elements are also found, but these are of such minute quantities that they are disregarded. The combination of carbon and hydrogen forms many thousands of compounds, which are possible because of the various positions, and varied joining of these two atoms in the hydrocarbon molecule.

The various petroleum products are refined from the crude oil by heating and condensing the vapours. These products are the so-chatted tight oils, such as gasoline, kerosene and distillate oil. The residue remaining after the tight oils are distilled is known as heavy or residual fuel oil and is used mostly for burning under boilers. Additional complicated refining processes rearrange the chemical structure of the hydrocarbons to produce other products, some of which are used to upgrade and increase the octane rating of various types of gasoline.

Lampiran KD.3.4. Explanation

Early Dams

Dams have been built on rivers and streams all over the world for thousands of years. In the Egyptian desert cast of the Nile River are the remains of a masonry dam that probably dates back to 2500 BC. Other ancient darns have been found in present day Iraq, Syria, and Arabia. Most of these dams were used for collecting and storing water for irrigating the fields in the dry desert regions.

Early dams were built with rocks, earth, and wood. These dams worked fairly well unless the pressure of the water became too great, or they were overtopped by high flows of water; Then the dam would be washed away. Gradually men learned how to design dams that could withstand great pressure. New materials were added ’to strengthen the darns.
Lampiran KD. 3.1. Discussion

Hacking: Pro and Contra?
Do you know what a hacker is? Well, a hacker is a person who enjoys (1) ______________the details of programmable systems on computers and they like to (2) ______________ the capability of the systems. And you know what, the (3) — they do in the computers are called “hacking”.
So, what’s the problem with “hacking and its hackers”? Well, the problem is whether “hacking and its hackers legal or illegal? What I mean is that people in the world have many different (4)______________

About hacking and the hackers. Some of them (5) ______________ but many (6)___________

To get back to what I was saying previously, well, let us see the positive point of a hacker, shall we? On the one hand, being a hacker is nothing illegal. But what do hackers do?

Actually, they don’t do anything illegal because they only just want to know and try the systems. I (7) ____________ to say that a hacker likes finding the strength and the weakness of a computer system. They feel (8) ______________ if they can find the weakness. So I don’t really see the point in crimes in this case. In addition, these hackers sometimes help the police catch the “white collar criminals” such as bank robbers, money launderers, credit card (9)_____________

For example, in 2000, the U.S. hackers caught the Singaporean hackers who made “Virus Love” to break up the program of the US National security system.
Those who object to the good point of a hacker say that hacking is a crime. The reason is that some hackers use their (10) ____________ skills to break in banks and other vital institutions where they can get money, where they can destroy information and the worst thing is they get the secret information and sell it to another country. This is a (11)_______________
Take for example, in 1994; The US government broke a (12) ____________ of computer hackers out of Majorca, Spain. These hackers were responsible for accessing and eliminating 190,000 telephone credit card numbers over computer bulletin boards in America and Europe Seeing this fact; I don’t blame those who think negatively about hackers. They really base their opinions on the fact. What would I say?
To put the whole thing in a nutshell, I personally think that hackers are no bad guys with their brilliant skills. On the other hand they could be bad guys because of money orientation to get (13) _________ that’s just the point.

Lampiran KD. 3.2. Discussion

Expressing Denial

a. In pairs, read this dialogue and practise it in front of the class.

Satria and Dicky are talking about yesterday’s organization meeting.

Satria Did you come to the meeting yesterday?

Dicky Yes, I did.

Satria: Well, how was the result? Who was elected to be our new chairman?

Dicky : Onky is our new chairman.

Satria : Are you serious? That’s not correct!

Dicky : Why not? Everybody agrees to choose him our new chairman. He has a good personality

and ability to progress our organization and a talent of leadership.

Satria : No, I deny that. I tell you he has no talent to be a Leader. That’s completely wrong.

Dicky : That’s silly. We still remember how he could handle the disputes in our Organization years


Satria : No, that’s not true. It was Joko who could handle it, not Onky. Onky was just looking for


Dicky : That’s crazy! I object to that opinion.

Satria : Believe me. I know him more than you do.

Dicky : No, you don’t . That’s a stupid argument.
Lampiran KD.3.3. Discussion

Teks 1


Is X-Ray Examination Necessary’


Students, can you show me your hands? Right! And can you show, me your head? Excellent! But... Can you show me your stomach’ Hm Can you show me your lungs’ No ‘Why’ Yeah, you’re right Because they are inside our body. So what do you think, how can we see the internal parts of our body? Yes. We use X-Ray So, what is X-Ray’ Does anybody know’ No …Well, X-Ray is a spectrum of light It is radiated to our body It is used for detecting our internal body organs .Do I make myself clear? Well, Let me continue, where can you find X-Ray’ Yes, that’s right It is in a hospital And do you know who invented X-Ray’ Does any­ body knows’……Oh come on Nobody remembers the name~ Well, X-Ray was invented by a German scientist, William Conrad Rontgen. Where was I? Oh, O.K. Hm... When do people use X-ray? Correct. When they need X-Ray to check. Yes, cancer, . . .kidney trouble, .. .heart trouble, . . .tumor, etc.

Students do you know many opinions argue about the use of X-Ray in hospital and others agree about the use of X-Ray?

Argument “for” point Elaboration

Well, some people agree that X-Ray examination is beneficial.

They say that doctors should use X-Ray in examining a severe illness. If doctors don’t use the X-Ray, they will miss some important information which is very useful in making a diagnose on the patient’s disease. And this will sometimes cause the doctor inaccurate in prescribing the medicine to cure the illness.

Argument “against” point Elaboration

Not all patients agree with the use of X-Ray exami­nation, however.

Do you know why? Guess what?

They think that using X-Ray examination will cost them a lot of money. I’m not surprised. Another rea­son is the radiation of X-Ray has some risks to the body tissues.


Well, as a result of this controversy, many people are planning a traditional health cure to avoid, the high cost of hospital care. While hospitals insist on having X-Ray examinations on patients to get an accurate diagnose although the cost is very high.

Lampiran KD.34. Discussion

The Controversy of Harnessing Solar Energy
We often hear about solar car, solar heating or solar batteries. But will solar energy ever be a major source of energy for industrial societies? The solar energy is cheaper than any other fossil fuel because we can

Unfortunately, we can’t yet power our homes entirely on sunlight. Solar energy can only be exploited in bright light. Its greatest poten­tial, therefore is in hot countries that have clear skies for most of the year. While most houses are not always in the sunniest part of the world. In addition, to harness the solar power, solar cells are needed to convert the sunlight directly into electricity. Solar cells are very cheap to run, but relatively expensive to buy and many people can’t afford it.

In sunny desert areas, 50% of the sun’s radiation that reaches the ground could be used to produce electricity for businesses and indus­try to provide heat, light and hot water for homes. Experimental solar ponds can produce hot water to drive generators.

Needless to say that solar energy is a useful and non-polluted source of energy. Nevertheless, solar cells, the main important device to harness the sun’s energy is still very expensive.
Lampiran KD 3.1. Review

The Lost World: Jurassic park Part II

The Lost World: Jurassic park Part II, ____________(1) picture about an island populated with real dinosaurs. Released in 1997, this science-________(2) adventure is the __________(3) to the box office hit Jurassic Park (1993), in which a mad scientist built a dinosaur theme park on a remote island. Although those dinosaurs were ____________(4), there are some left on other island. Dr. Sarah Harding (played by Julianne Moore) and Dr. Ian Malcom (Jeff Goldblum) travel to the island to _____________(5) the dinosaurs and try to ______________-(6) Roland Tembo (Pete Postlethwaite) from rounding the beast up and taking them to a theme park in the United States. The __________(7) turns bad, the dinosaurs become violent, and one of the angry____(8) makes his way to Los Angeles, California.

Steven Spielberg
The Lost World: Jurassic park Part II

The Lost World: Jurassic park Part II, motion picture about an island populated with real dinosaurs. Released in 1997, this science-fiction adventure is the sequel to the box office hit Jurassic Park (1993), in which a mad scientist built a dinosaur theme park on a remote island. Although those dinosaurs were destroyed, there are some left on other island. Dr. Sarah Harding (played by Julianne Moore) and Dr. Ian Malcom (Jeff Goldblum) travel to the island to observe the dinosaurs and try to prevent Roland Tembo (Pete Postlethwaite) from rounding the beast up and taking them to a them park in the United States. The weather turns bad, the dinosaurs become violent, and one of the angry beasts makes his way to Los Angeles, California.

Steven Spielberg

Lampiran KD.3.2. Review



Evaluation 1

Evaluation 2

Interpretative Recount

(tafsiran recount)

Evaluative Summation


Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix
I absolutely love the Harry Potter series, and all of the books will always hold a special place in my heart.

I have to stay that of all the books, however, this was not my favourite.
When the series began it was as much of a “feel good” experience as a huge mug of hot cocoa. The stories were bright, fast-paced, intriguing, and ultimately satisfying.

Order of the Phoenix is a different kind of book. In some instances this works . . . you feel a whole new level of intensity and excitement by the time you get to the end. I was truly moved by the last page. Other times the book just has a slightly dreary, depressing feel. The galloping face of the other books has slowed to a trot here, and parts of it do seem long, as if we were reading all about Harry “just hanging out” instead of having his usual adventures. Redding in detail about Harry cleaning up an old house, for example – housekeeping is still housekeeping, magical or no, and I’m not very interested in doing it or reading about other people doing it.

A few other changes in this book – the “real” world comes much more into play rather than the fantasy universe of the previous books, and Harry has apparently been taken off his meds. I know that he had a lot to be grumpy in this book, especially with being a teenager and tall, but the sudden change in his character seemed too drastic. He goes from being warm-hearted, considerate person to someone who will bite his best friend’s heads off over nothing. It just seemed like it didn’t fit with his character, like he turned into a walking cliché of the “angry teen” overnight.
The real story seemed to happen in the last 1/3 of the book and this part I loved. I actually liked the ending (and yes, I cried! 0 as sad as it was. It packed a punch and it made me care about the story even more. Still a really good book, with some editing it would have been great.

Lampiran KD.3.3. Review
The (2004) SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
If you are in the target three-to-nine year-old age group and a fan of the “The SpongeBob SquarePants” television series, you’ll probably like THE SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS MOVIE, essentially an extended version of the cartoon series. Colorful and silly, the movie looks and sounds just like every other movie from Nickelodeon. Only the sassy Rugrats, with their sharply written dialog, manage to stand out among the Nickelodeon offerings. But, if your kids love SpongeBob SquarePants and a weekly dose isn’t enough for them, they’ll probably be begging you to take them to the movie version.
The plot starts with SpongeBob SquarePants (voiced by Tom Kenny) lamenting that he wasn’t chosen to be the manager of the Krusty Krab 2 restaurant, since his wall is filled with “Employee of Month” awards from original Krusty Krab. Other plot points include the stealing of the crown King Neptune (voiced by Jeffrey Tambor) and the enslavement of restaurant patrons by mind control helmet designed by Plankton (voiced by Mr. Lawrence) , the owner of a rival establishment of the Krusty Krab.
About as funny as the story ever gets is when someone asks SpongeBob SquarePants if he has a license to drive his hamburger car. “ You don’t need a license to drive a sandwich”, he explains. THE SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS MOVIE is for fans only.

THE SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS MOVIE runs 1.30. It is rated PG for “some mild crude humor” and would be acceptable for all ages.

My nephew William, age 10, and my niece Liana, age 7, both liked the movie, William liked SpongeBob the best while the princess was his sister’s favourite character. William’s favourite scene was the David Hasselhoff cameo.
Lampiran KD. 3.4. Review.



Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Frances Fisher, Bernard Hill, Jonathan Hyde, Danny Nucci, Gloria Stewart, David Warner, Victor Garber, Bill Paxton

James Cameron
Running Time:

189 minutes
Kinds :

Action, Drama, Romance

•I absolutely love ‘Titanic’, and all of the movies will always hold a special place in my heart. Brock Lovett (Bill Paxton) is a somewhat ruthless treasure hunter searching for profit under the sea in the debris of the wrecked liner Titanic. In particular, he is searching for a necklace featuring an historic blue diamond that is rumored to have sunk with the ship. He believes he is on the right track when his crew retrieves a safe in which he finds a sketch of a beautiful woman wearing the diamond. The drawing is shown on a TV news program, and an old lady called Rose Dawson Calvert (Gloria Stewart) comes forward claiming that she is the woman in the drawing. When questioned by the treasure hunters, she tells them her story.

Interpretative recount 1

When she joined the Titanic for her maiden voyage Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet), as she was known then, was 17 years old. Her mother (Frances Fisher) had good breeding but little money, so she was taking Rose to America to marry rich Cal Hockley (Billy Zane) - a match that Rose would rather have avoided.

Interpretative recount 1

•Attempting to commit suicide, she was saved by Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio), a raffish and charming third-class passenger. Jack and Rose started to spend time together, ultimately falling in love, in spite of the disapproval of both her mother and Hockley. Hockley would have done anything to prevent Jack seeing Rose, and falsely accused him of theft. However, the historic events that followed were to change everything.

Evaluation 1

1.Cameron's "Titanic" is justly recognized as something of a masterpiece. The film cost a phenomenal amount to make, and most of that spending is visible on screen. Everything about it looks sumptuous, and the effects that go into the sinking of the ship are grippingly realistic.

Evaluation 2

2.The romantic thread is appealing enough, but its greater purpose is to make the effect of the tragedy more personal. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio make a fine job of playing the young couple, although the romance is occasionally rather overdone and DiCaprio does struggle at times to give his character as written any real depth

Evaluation 3

3.Although the film is a personal romance set amidst a greater disaster story, it is also the story of Rose's life and the effect her experiences have had on her - and it largely succeeds on all counts.


Sometimes love must triumph over disaster.

Workshop Penyusunan Silabus dan sistem Penilaian Kurikulum 2004 Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII Kab. Karanganyar 2006

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